Sunday, February 20, 2005

An End Must Come

Let's talk about "Evil"'s not only the mirror image of "livE," but, the antithesis of life.

Most people don't believe that Evil exists, as a real supernatural power in the world, but, I've been in a fight with Evil as long as I can remember. A hard, sometimes physical fight...sometimes a battle that I am unaware of (even in the midst of Chaos), until it dawns om me that I'm losing, and, it's time to get serious.

The latest round took me totally by surprise. I've been wanting to upgrade my defensive handgun for some time, and, while looking around at a local Gun Store on 1/15/05, I noticed a little 40 S&W Beretta 9000S-F Compact on sale. I asked to look at it, and, the instant I picked it up, I knew I had to have this Weapon, it just felt felt like an extension of my arm. Like it belonged there, as a part of my body.

Digging deep, I found enough in my pocket to put it on Layaway, took the Ticket without looking at it, and, walked out. Within two days, I knew something was happening, but, I didn't know what. I was working a Shutdown, and, everyone kept telling me that I was breaking Safety Rules that didn't even exist. Even the Project Manager walked up, stopped me, told me that I was breaking a rule that he expanded and twisted into some Politically Correct unreality. It's one I know by heart, and, had just finished telling my partner we needed to carefully observe this rule. We were doing it by the Book. His way could get people injured or killed, and, I told him that, in my "Urban Cowboy" way...forcefully and emphatically.

The way he stated it was not even close to a reality that anyone could abide by, and, I quoted the actual rule back to him, exactly. I knew what it was, because I had given that Safety Talk a hundred times, using the Companys printed safety talk, along with all the illustrations and teaching aids.

From there, everything went downhill. Everywhere I turned someone was running Politically Correct BS at me, and, I noticed them doing it to several others at the same time. I finished the week, but, by Sunday I knew I was coming down with something. I was running a fever, and, had to leave a half hour early.

Monday, I woke up with a debilitating case of the Flu, and, had to call in sick. I was still sick Tuesday, and, went to the doctor with a 102 Fever. I had to go, not only to get treated, but to get the paperwork (Doctors Release) that would allow me to go back to work the next day.

Wednesday, Jan. 26th, just a little before Noon, I was told that I needed to attend a meeting with the Project Manager, along with two other men working alongside. When we got there, the whole conference room was full, and, they informed us we were being laid off (about 15 of us) to reduce the force on that jobsite, paid us through Friday, gave us our checks, and, waved goodbye.

I went straight to the Gun Shop and picked up the little Beretta, sure in the knowledge that by Monday I'd be on another of the Companys projects. Then, ran into a wall of rejection, everywhere I turned, there were no jobs stateside, so, I started the process to go to Iraq.

Sunday, my brother and I went to the Range to shoot the little Beretta, and, both of us came away suitably impressed. It's a wall-to-wall firebreather, and, one of the softest shooting, easiest handling, easiest 'pointing' Pistols I've owned. Besides that, the Giugiaro styling makes it a standout in any crowd. It's a keeper.

Sunday night, Robert and I sat down to clean our Guns. I opened the Gun Case, picked up the Receipt, glanced at it, and, my heart dropped into my Boots. The Layaway number was right in the middle of the Receit, and, I never thought to check it: The number is 666-3-66, the "Number of the Beast"...with a couple of extensions. I knew, instantly, I'd accepted the terms by accepting ownership of a little Gun I knew was mine when I picked it up off the counter the first time. I just didn't know it was a 'present' from the "Beast."

A friend of mine, working for the company in Iraq sent a requisition to the main office for me, as a Millwright, or, any type of Supervisor. But, by Monday morning, eveyone in the company knew that the Division of a Global Corporation I've worked for since 1972 is being sold, and, they're laying off Employees Worldwide.

I don't think I'll make it to Iraq, and, that could just put a kink in any plans th' "Beast" might have for me. But, stranger things have happened, when locked in combat with the essence of Evil.

There really is a "Resident Evil" loose in the world, and, I have no plans to be part of its diabolical plots. An end to this eternal War must come, and, I suspect it will be in Iraq, fighting a battle I can't win.

Begone "Beast"...I defy thee!

Gordon DeSpain