Sunday, October 31, 2004

Millennium Cowboy 2

Considering the age we live in, the age I was born in seems irrelevant and (in fact), now, quaintly antibellum. This opinion expressed in the midst of World War III, looking back at the innocence of Dec. 7, 1940 (in Texas), and, the gathering storm approaching in Europe that would sweep us up, one year later, on Dec. 7, 1941.

We're beset on all sides by Barbarians, some claiming to be 'one of us,' demanding that we elect them to the highest offices in the Land. However it behooves us to distinguish between Barbarians, and, Warriors. I've known many warriors, none of whom liked war, yet, none denied the necessity of fighting in defense of family, community and Nation, when need arises, for so long as need exists. Barbarians, on the other hand, revel in death and destruction while decrying shame on those who fight.

Unfortunately, the Royal, Aristocratic and Elite fall, more often, into the category of Barbarians, insisting that no-one needs weapons except their Armies, Police, and Bodyguards, which (they protest), are all that's needed to 'protect' "the People." To them, "Death and Destruction" are abstract terms to be discussed over a Cigar and snifter of Brandy in civilized surroundings, sheltered behind layers of security, preferably, far from the clamor of battle, the screams of the wounded, the moans of the dying and stench of the dead.

Two barbarian names come to mind, Neville Chamberlain and Warren Christopher, both of whom believed that "Words have power."

"Beware of Peacemakers in Combat Boots, for they above all will ruin the world." (Michel de Nostradame ~ 1560 AD, speaking of the second millennium)

Should any suggest this is a diatribe advocating Class Warfare, I am a 5th generation Texan, 17th generation American...of Trojan Blood. I am the Scion of a once Noble Family, a Blood Royal descendant of both the greatest Men and Women, and, most villanous Tyrants and murderous barbarians that ever lived...near as I can tell, almost all of them. I am descended from all of the children of all eight wives of Charlemaine (Charles the First, Holy Roman Emporer).

(With Reservation of all Constitutional Rights)

Gordon Arthur DeSpain (Gray/ Winters/ Joiner/ Howard/ Stewart/ Stuart/ De Brus/ Wallace/ Douglas/ Tudor/ Plantagenet/ de Valois/ de Clare/ Habsburg/ Lorraine/ Aragon/ le Capet/ Hohenzollern/ Hanover/ Hesse/ Vermandois/ d'Anjou/ d'Alba/ Sigmund/ Meroving/ Arimathea/ Caesar/ Antonius/ Nero/ Ptolomy/ Macedon/ Troy/ Illium, etc.)
A poor boy, Cowboy, ex-King of the Punching Bag at Gilley's...Urban Cowboy.


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