Sunday, February 20, 2005

An End Must Come

Let's talk about "Evil"'s not only the mirror image of "livE," but, the antithesis of life.

Most people don't believe that Evil exists, as a real supernatural power in the world, but, I've been in a fight with Evil as long as I can remember. A hard, sometimes physical fight...sometimes a battle that I am unaware of (even in the midst of Chaos), until it dawns om me that I'm losing, and, it's time to get serious.

The latest round took me totally by surprise. I've been wanting to upgrade my defensive handgun for some time, and, while looking around at a local Gun Store on 1/15/05, I noticed a little 40 S&W Beretta 9000S-F Compact on sale. I asked to look at it, and, the instant I picked it up, I knew I had to have this Weapon, it just felt felt like an extension of my arm. Like it belonged there, as a part of my body.

Digging deep, I found enough in my pocket to put it on Layaway, took the Ticket without looking at it, and, walked out. Within two days, I knew something was happening, but, I didn't know what. I was working a Shutdown, and, everyone kept telling me that I was breaking Safety Rules that didn't even exist. Even the Project Manager walked up, stopped me, told me that I was breaking a rule that he expanded and twisted into some Politically Correct unreality. It's one I know by heart, and, had just finished telling my partner we needed to carefully observe this rule. We were doing it by the Book. His way could get people injured or killed, and, I told him that, in my "Urban Cowboy" way...forcefully and emphatically.

The way he stated it was not even close to a reality that anyone could abide by, and, I quoted the actual rule back to him, exactly. I knew what it was, because I had given that Safety Talk a hundred times, using the Companys printed safety talk, along with all the illustrations and teaching aids.

From there, everything went downhill. Everywhere I turned someone was running Politically Correct BS at me, and, I noticed them doing it to several others at the same time. I finished the week, but, by Sunday I knew I was coming down with something. I was running a fever, and, had to leave a half hour early.

Monday, I woke up with a debilitating case of the Flu, and, had to call in sick. I was still sick Tuesday, and, went to the doctor with a 102 Fever. I had to go, not only to get treated, but to get the paperwork (Doctors Release) that would allow me to go back to work the next day.

Wednesday, Jan. 26th, just a little before Noon, I was told that I needed to attend a meeting with the Project Manager, along with two other men working alongside. When we got there, the whole conference room was full, and, they informed us we were being laid off (about 15 of us) to reduce the force on that jobsite, paid us through Friday, gave us our checks, and, waved goodbye.

I went straight to the Gun Shop and picked up the little Beretta, sure in the knowledge that by Monday I'd be on another of the Companys projects. Then, ran into a wall of rejection, everywhere I turned, there were no jobs stateside, so, I started the process to go to Iraq.

Sunday, my brother and I went to the Range to shoot the little Beretta, and, both of us came away suitably impressed. It's a wall-to-wall firebreather, and, one of the softest shooting, easiest handling, easiest 'pointing' Pistols I've owned. Besides that, the Giugiaro styling makes it a standout in any crowd. It's a keeper.

Sunday night, Robert and I sat down to clean our Guns. I opened the Gun Case, picked up the Receipt, glanced at it, and, my heart dropped into my Boots. The Layaway number was right in the middle of the Receit, and, I never thought to check it: The number is 666-3-66, the "Number of the Beast"...with a couple of extensions. I knew, instantly, I'd accepted the terms by accepting ownership of a little Gun I knew was mine when I picked it up off the counter the first time. I just didn't know it was a 'present' from the "Beast."

A friend of mine, working for the company in Iraq sent a requisition to the main office for me, as a Millwright, or, any type of Supervisor. But, by Monday morning, eveyone in the company knew that the Division of a Global Corporation I've worked for since 1972 is being sold, and, they're laying off Employees Worldwide.

I don't think I'll make it to Iraq, and, that could just put a kink in any plans th' "Beast" might have for me. But, stranger things have happened, when locked in combat with the essence of Evil.

There really is a "Resident Evil" loose in the world, and, I have no plans to be part of its diabolical plots. An end to this eternal War must come, and, I suspect it will be in Iraq, fighting a battle I can't win.

Begone "Beast"...I defy thee!

Gordon DeSpain

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Clinton, Christopher, Anan, UN

There are those who would dispute this, but, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Warren Christopher, and, Mr. Kofi Anan sealed the fate of the UN, during the Balkan War.

While Mr. Christopher prepared his Neville Chamberlain Clone act, in Switzerland, Mr. Clinton anointed (literally) Mr Anan as "Secretary General of the UN." At nearly the same time, Canadian Peacekeepers in the Hills above Sarajevo backed away and allowed Serbian Gunners to take Artillery Practice for more than 12 Hours, on Sarajevo, and, the ethnic cleansing continued.

Mr. Christopher killed thousands upon thousands of Bosnians and Croats by dragging out the Peace talks for more than a year: selecting a site for the talks; choosing the Silverware; micro-managing the folding of Napkins; arguing about the placement of the Table and seating of Delegates; choosing the time of year to ensure proper light; and, deciding nothing, during the talks...necessitating another round of talks, with the concommitant, long, drawn out preparations.

Tired of chewing my tongue, I began a long series of Faxes, filled with (succesively) gathering sarcasm, vitriol, and, invictive, which eventually led to a letter from the Justice Department warning me to "moderate my language." I've lost the Fax I sent in reply, but, below are a few of the Faxes that elicited the warning (concerning the Artillery above Sarajevo), and, the Poem I wrote to accompany the one concerning the UN's Canadian Peacekeepers:

Feb. 6, 1994

To: Mr. Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, DC

From: Gordon A. DeSpain
Pasadena, Texas 77506

Mr. President,

I applaude your decision to push for punitive bombing of Serb positions around Sarajevo. However, I do not believe this threat will be any more effective than those preceding. Someone in Belgrade doesn't acknowledge the writing on the wall, nor do they believe that you, NATO or the United Nations are any more serious now than in the past, and, they have reason to believe so.

They have reason to believe that they can proceed to batter their opponents with impunity. You have given them these reasons by your inactivity when deadlines passed, and, you failed to respond. You have given them these reasons by allowing others to dictate American policy with their indecision and fear of public displeasure and/or disapproval. You have given them these reasons by blinking, without first opening your eyes. You have given them these reasons by believing that you can fight evil with good. To an evil man, being good is a weakness to be exploited.

Those in Belgrade do not care if you launch strikes against the Serbs around Sarajevo. They will simply send in more men and launch retaliatory raids into the heart of the city. If they did pull their artillery back beyond the 13 mile safe zone, they would just bring in long range artillery or missles and begin a protracted indiscriminate assault against the people of Sarajevo, in the belief that you will be horrified and back off.

If you must attack a Dragon, Mr. President (and you must), cutting and slashing at the tail will have little effect. To get his attention you must go for the heart...Belgrade.

Gordon A. DeSpain II
6 Feb. 1994

March 3, 1994
To: Mr. Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, DC

From: Gordon A. DeSpain
Pasadena, Texas 77506

Mr. President,

Thank you for acknowledging my Fax on the situation in Bosnia/Herzegovina (or, as you call it; the former Yugoslavia). I think I should tell you that I did not vote for you. At the time of the election I was out of the country, and in any case I could not in all conscience vote for any of the available candidates.

I could not vote for you because I perceived a streak of indecision and vacillation, a too easy willingness to compromise, plus your known stand on the Second Amendment. The office of President does not allow the luxury of weakness when dealing with a hostile world (within or without).

I could not vote for Ross Perot because he made too much money in too little time. In order to make that much money in that amount of time it is necessary to be a master of the art of rape and plunder. I have no desire to see any more rapers and plunderers in Washington than the ones we’ve already elected.

I could not vote for George Bush because he failed in time of need. He made the classic blunder of withdrawing his forces before the war was won, thereby insuring the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) as did Truman before him.

The Fax you acknowledged was my second. The first included a poem called “No One To Lead” that expressed my concern over the worlds (and our) handling of events in the aforementioned country. It was one of several that I wrote concerning events of the last ten years and I am including two more with this Fax to clarify some of the more obscure references in the preceding paragraphs. One is called “River of Freedom” the other is “Winds of Time”, both identify me as a hawk who would like to soar with Eagles (apologies to Mr. Perot). I will also include the first (since it is imminently forgettable) to avoid being totally obscure.

Somehow, Mr. President, I don’t think history will be kind to a leader who “waited longer than a Dragon can eat.” Bear in mind, if you persist in trying to deal fairly with a Dragon, you will become the next course in an endless meal.

Gordon A. DeSpain II

March 3, 1994

From: Gordon A. DeSpain
Pasadena, Texas 77506

To: Mr. Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, DC

Mr. President,

Congratulations, I see by the newsmedia that you have engineered another great victory for the Serbs. It must be especially gratifying to have such a great impact on History by doing nothing. Procrastination is a wonderful thing, it can gain you a place in History on the level of Sargon I through V, Ashurbanipal, Ghengis Khan, and the latter day scourges, Idi Amin and Pol Pot.

You will be remembered as part of the three headed Millennial Dragon, Hitler/Stalin/Billary. Now, I understand why all the Prophets, ancient and modern, have warned throughout time, "Beware the Peacemakers, for they above all will ruin the world."

In case you haven't noticed, Bosnians (whether Serb or Muslim) have long memories and carry grudges.

But, don't worry, Mr. Clinton, history is written by the Victors,---and you're not a winner.

Gordon A. DeSpain II

Attachment below_____________________________________


In a real World, where Dragons live and hate,
Decisions need be made: to Eagle fly, or whine and wait.
Those who wait heed Polls, the Great trust Fate.
But, maybe it's too late, with Dragons at the Gate.

Dragons Breath, horror & death in the abstract,
Congress & Diplomats simply abhor. But, this is more!
"One mustn't upset the poor slavering Dear," they shriek,
"Only people are dying, you can see he's trying, won't do it anymore.
Some time he must have, a year, or two, or three. Go easy on the leash."

'Tis the reason Congress & Diplomats have killed as many as Dragons.
"What? People are fighting? Defending their Wives? Their Children?
Oh dear, we can't have this! It's take away their guns we must.
Body Bags & Wagons, Tombstones & Gravediggers they'll need in plenty,
but Guns? Ammunition? Let's not be children!"

"We waited longer than a Dragon can eat” this a thing of Pride?
A million souls he fried, committed genocide, then went to sleep!
We won!...We still wait!" Decisions need be made: To Eagle fly,
or, jaw and bleat? Wizards & Dragons we need, to fight a Dragon!
A Specter, "Puff the Magic Dragon" we need: before it's too late!

In history, hoary, vast and filled with deeds,
never a man called "Great," failed in time, those in need.
Leaders can't follow, nor followers lead----it's fate.
And, congress can't follow if there's no one to lead.

Gordon A. DeSpain II
REV 9, Jan. 2, 2004
Copyright 1993
(revised to fit Blog page)

The first two poems (not included) were written in response to actions of Mr Reagan, and, GHW Bush, the third was crafted to apply to Bill Clinton, whom I have come to realize held the Office of President by Right of Adverse Possession, after his Impeachment. But, he was never my President, disregard the honorifics in the Fax's, they were attempts to fend off the "Letter from the Justice Department" as long as possible (I managed to send a couple before censure...and, maybe, a dozen after...:)

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Millennium Cowboy 2

Considering the age we live in, the age I was born in seems irrelevant and (in fact), now, quaintly antibellum. This opinion expressed in the midst of World War III, looking back at the innocence of Dec. 7, 1940 (in Texas), and, the gathering storm approaching in Europe that would sweep us up, one year later, on Dec. 7, 1941.

We're beset on all sides by Barbarians, some claiming to be 'one of us,' demanding that we elect them to the highest offices in the Land. However it behooves us to distinguish between Barbarians, and, Warriors. I've known many warriors, none of whom liked war, yet, none denied the necessity of fighting in defense of family, community and Nation, when need arises, for so long as need exists. Barbarians, on the other hand, revel in death and destruction while decrying shame on those who fight.

Unfortunately, the Royal, Aristocratic and Elite fall, more often, into the category of Barbarians, insisting that no-one needs weapons except their Armies, Police, and Bodyguards, which (they protest), are all that's needed to 'protect' "the People." To them, "Death and Destruction" are abstract terms to be discussed over a Cigar and snifter of Brandy in civilized surroundings, sheltered behind layers of security, preferably, far from the clamor of battle, the screams of the wounded, the moans of the dying and stench of the dead.

Two barbarian names come to mind, Neville Chamberlain and Warren Christopher, both of whom believed that "Words have power."

"Beware of Peacemakers in Combat Boots, for they above all will ruin the world." (Michel de Nostradame ~ 1560 AD, speaking of the second millennium)

Should any suggest this is a diatribe advocating Class Warfare, I am a 5th generation Texan, 17th generation American...of Trojan Blood. I am the Scion of a once Noble Family, a Blood Royal descendant of both the greatest Men and Women, and, most villanous Tyrants and murderous barbarians that ever lived...near as I can tell, almost all of them. I am descended from all of the children of all eight wives of Charlemaine (Charles the First, Holy Roman Emporer).

(With Reservation of all Constitutional Rights)

Gordon Arthur DeSpain (Gray/ Winters/ Joiner/ Howard/ Stewart/ Stuart/ De Brus/ Wallace/ Douglas/ Tudor/ Plantagenet/ de Valois/ de Clare/ Habsburg/ Lorraine/ Aragon/ le Capet/ Hohenzollern/ Hanover/ Hesse/ Vermandois/ d'Anjou/ d'Alba/ Sigmund/ Meroving/ Arimathea/ Caesar/ Antonius/ Nero/ Ptolomy/ Macedon/ Troy/ Illium, etc.)
A poor boy, Cowboy, ex-King of the Punching Bag at Gilley's...Urban Cowboy.